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Walking Wednesday

October 11, 2017 Adrienne Brown 0 Comments

These days I am walking quite a bit.

Walking in parks, up my gravel road, around the church’s parking lot when my kiddos are in class. I make it my goal to find somewhere to walk, no matter where I am. If I can’t find a path to walk, I feel cheated! After all, I am doing this to maintain my physical and mental health.

My husband and I have recently become second time around parents to 4 beautiful children. Two of which are teenagers. (Oh glory! Help me, Jesus!) to quote Ester from Sanford & Son show. While my husband has the opportunity to walk unhindered at work, I have to get it wherever I can, believe me, it ain’t easy.

Yet, when I do find such a place I walk for as long as I can take it. I mean as long as I can tolerate my feet starting to ache and my 4-year-old whining about how her legs are hurting! (Never a quiet walk, but God does help me to get some peacefulness into my brain during this walk). I guess it takes me about 35 to 45 minutes, to get in 2 miles. I really strive for this 2-mile mark, otherwise, I don’t feel like I’ve done anything. Not so much in my mind, but my body. I gotta feel “the burn”, or feel something!

Because my older kids are usually with me and seem to exude energy, they help motivate me to keep walking. We walk at least three times a week, but I know that my body needs to walk every day. If I don’t walk, I get so stiff and start to feel like a waterlogged, fluff ball.

So, I am here to urge all those who are in my age range, parental situation, mindset to go out and walk more. Also, I do lift hand weights on occasion, to build muscle in hopes of gaining strength so that I can walk more. I know this is probably asking a lot for some of you, but give it a try, you will feel better for it. My goal is to lose weight, so far I have maintained.

You know as we age weight loss becomes more of a challenge and our muscles seem to ache more. Still, we need to move more. So I have found plenty of motivating youtube programs to help me achieve this part of my weight loss goals, I just need to jump on them on the regular!.

Until I do, let me share a few bright healthful benefits that I have gotten from walking. There are at least 3 positives that I can share with you.

1. Walking has helped me to realize that, as you age you “can not do nothing”. You must and should find ways to move your body on a regular basis. If you just sit all day you will begin to waste away. Your muscles and bones will start to ache, your brain will grow cobwebs. You won’t be able to lift your own weight from a chair. This is a fact that I fight to keep at bay on the daily, and it is very hard considering most of my work is on the computer.  I witnessed my, aunt, older cousin’s and some others suffer this fate. Because they sat all day with little movement, eventually they couldn’t move, at all without help.  So that’s why you and I must walk, to keep, our bodies loose and limber, walking definitely helps me with that.

2. Walking helps my love for my family to grow. Most of the time I am walking with some of my family members two, or three, Or maybe all of them, this includes my husband. I love when he comes, it just makes me feel safer, especially when we find a wooded path to walk, which I love, but I do not like walking these paths alone. As we walk, we talk about everything. Parenting, friendships, growing up, the benefits of exercise, whatever argument the kids have going on that day or week. Would you believe it, we talk about healthy and unhealthy foods, and meals to prepare. Walking with tall of hem works sorta like sitting around the dinner table. We get to know what each one is thinking about. Yea, as the endorphins are released, we talk more and more. The kids can’t wait to get their words out so that we can hear what they have to say. It is the funniest thing to me. I know that if I just get outside and move my legs with them, that they tend to move their mouths. I love it!

3. Walking gives me the energy that I need to keep up with my routine. I am 55 years old, homeschooling and raising 4 children under the age of 13. The second bunch that my husband and I are training. Every day I am responsible for making sure that they complete each task given for the day. Their school work, their nutrition, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. their exercise, their extracurricular activities. (The reason why I am out having to find new paths to walk).

I am the Vice principal, multiple subject teacher, (because you know that we have a one room, classroom setting, which is our home). Oh and sometimes I have to go “DRILL” on them! As in sergeant! Getting them to clean their bedrooms, do daily chores, showing them how to cook, cut grass, wash clothes and any other necessary skill I think they will need. Walking keeps me going, like the energized bunny! That’s why I love to walk, I know that if I didn’t do at least that. I would not be able to do anything at all.

Also, with two of our oldest being in college, a Junior & Freshman., and us still being very much responsible for helping them to maneuver through life. Now, you know that I need physical energy to keep up with them!

Walking is at least keeping me fueled so that I can complete my God-given tasks for the rest of the days that I have allotted to me. Check out the video up above, it is a series that I use when I can’t get outside, these are awesome!

Go out and take a long walk, today!

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