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Chopping Wood

October 19, 2017 Adrienne Brown 0 Comments

Looking back at these pictures makes me feel happy inside.

practicalminedness-woodcutting 1practicalminedness-woodcutting 4practicalminedness-woodcutting 3

Simply because they help to keep the happy memories of the days when my sons were here in the house, helping their dad and me.
It wasn’t just the helping us part, but the relationship building aspect of these activities.
I can remember talking and talking during these working times, about our lives, woes, and excitements.
The outdoor natural arena always gave us a good place to have a soul-soothing moment of knitting together.
I can hear our conversation like it is going on right this moment, with the myriads of bird songs as our background music while we talk and tease each other.
Sometimes the boys would fuss and grumble somewhat before starting. Claiming that they didn’t want to chop wood or rake leaves.
These complaints were never uttered in the earshot of their dad, just loud enough for me to hear. I kinda think this was because they thought that I would get them out of the job.
No, it didn’t work, these were cherished bonding times for me. With boots and gloves on and axes in hand, they set out to work. 

practicalminedness-woodcutting 5

Most of the time we were all outside together, doing our part. Each person pitching in to complete the job.
This taught our boys the value of perseverance, teamwork and the necessity of chopping the wood for warmth in our home during the winter months.practicalminedness-woodcutting 7 As we all worked, their father taught them so many things that I am sure didn’t seem apparent to them at the time. But as I look back, I see today that all of my sons are hard workers.
They know how to chop firewood, rake, bag or burn the fall leaves. Their dad modeled for them how to keep the yard of their home up and functional. These boys can use a chainsaw to cut down trees, chop that tree up, and stack the wood for seasoning.

practicalminedness-woodcutting 6

I can see now how important it was to not just tell our kids what to do but to take the time to do it with them, helped them to grasp a concept so much faster.
This method was really just an extension of our homeschooling. Hands-on as a family, outside working, talking to one another and enjoying the day.
You know at the end of most of these work days, at least one of them would tell me how much they liked doing the work.

 Yes, ingraining a good work ethic, raising boys to Men! 

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