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About Me

Hello, my name is Adrienne,  This is my husband Michael


We have homeschooled for nearly 20 years, the following is an insight into my reason for wanting to share home school advice with others.
When we were told that our oldest son was not able to draw a line with a pencil, cut a piece of paper in half or learn the basics. We just started thinking more “Practically minded”.  They told us our son was possibly ADHD, and not able to pay attention in class.

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Being the parent at home during the day, I was directed to take him to “Child Find”, for an evaluation. If I didn’t then we could be charged with child abuse! What! Child abuse, I would have given my life for my first-born’s education. What are they talking about? Let’s be practical here, I knew my son better than anyone of them. I taught him his name, birthdate, alphabet and the colors before he even understood what public school was. How could this teacher, who had only known him for a few months be so certain about my son’s abilities. There was something definitely amiss, not practical.

After, meeting with the recommended counselors, my convictions had been confirmed. The three young counselors concluded that my son was very bright, well advanced and probably not challenged in his classroom setting. These women even hinted towards homeschooling, Which has proven the best hint received about educating my son in his formative years.




This was the start of a 20-year journey that my husband and I could never have imagined being on. Yet, today, this same son is 3 months from graduating from  West Point Military Academy. He finished the last two years of homeschool at Piedmont community college, graduating with a degree in engineering. (Somehow he was able to pay attention without the aid of medicines)

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We have also graduated our second son, who is flourishing at Liberty University in his third year.  He has arranged his schedule in such a way that he stands to graduate a semester early.


  That leaves us with two still in high school, doing just fine, at home, under our “practical” directions!



Sometimes you just have to be practicalminded in order to accomplish your dreams!