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5 Foundational Legacies That Will Motivate Anyone

February 9, 2018 Adrienne Brown 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered what is a proven formula for motivating your kids through the hard life of growing up?

How to help them to soar, even though abstract adversity?

Well, I don’t know about you but I have, and I still am, 8 times over!

As I have walked through the hard, and the absolute, necessary job of being the mother of 8 individual souls my life have been stretched and molded by my God, through these young people.

There are a few things that I have learned while fumbling through this mission.

I have noticed at least 5 similarities in all the young lives that my husband and I am charged with. These Practices have helped us motivate them towards forward mobility and excellence.


All of them had a need to feel necessary. Do you understand what I mean when I say this?

I have felt this need myself.

A need to feel that we are important to someone else and to purpose in life.practicalminedness1-19-18 7

As parents, we must help them to find that purpose, their individual mission.practicalmindedness1-19-18 (4)


all of them needed to know that they had a home to call their own.

This one gives a person a sense of foundational hold.IMG_20171206_0036

Just as your physical home sits on its concrete foundation, your children must have that, too.

Help them to plant those roots.Practicalmindedness- Foster walk -4


All of these young people yearned for spiritual centering.

All of them needed to know who’s ultimately in charge of their lives.DSCF1530

You must point them towards God. Otherwise, they will splinter, flying off into a cosmic universe, seeking to be one with it.practicalmindedness-2017


All of these young souls have to have their basic needs met. Not super expensive things, just the basics.

As parents, we have to get that straight. It’s not the price of a thing, but the acceptance and the wisdom to know that their basic hungers must be provided.IMG_2856

And last,

They all needed security. They had to feel within their very bones that we were always going to be there.

As long as it depended on us, we would be Every time they blinked their eyes. They would find us.


These are actions that will cost you no money, just time and dedication, Things that you have within you.

If you are looking to motivate your young ones, do the above-mentioned things, and they will trust your direction and treasure your opinions.

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